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Rescue Burnout - Milton's Mutts Dog Rescue
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Rescue Burnout

Rescue is Hard

Miltons Mutts Dog Rescue

It’s so hard that we as rescuers suffer the 2nd highest rate of suicide in America. If you are feeling the burnout coming on, PLEASE reach out for help! Email us here. and Below find some articles about just what you are experiencing so that you know you are NOT ALONE.

Miltons Mutts Dog Rescue

Why This Former Dog Trainer’s Fighting To Reclaim The Mental Health Of Her Entire Industry
Animal Caretaker Burnout: When Hearts Are Larger Than Hands
Burnout: The Monster in the Rescue Closet
Rescue Burnout: What is Causing Rescuers to Stop Helping Animals?
Self-Care Is Not Optional: How Burnout Ended My Career at the Shelter
Miltons Mutts Dog Rescue

If you need help, do not hesitate to reach out: